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The New FAQ

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The answers are frequently found here.


Why did you choose the name "Burned Fur"? What is this all about?

Not only does the name get attention, but if you looked past the ranting and raving from the previous generation, behind it was a good message. There was a calling for discretion, professionalism, and mutual respect among everyone involved in the fandom. Laugh all you want, but hopefully myself and our members can convince you otherwise and also revilatize these good ideas.


Who started all of this? When was it started?

While the conditions leading towards the first Burned Fur Movement have been simmering below the surface for some time, it officially started in 1998 by Charla Trotman, alias Squee Rat. She wrote the original inspiration for the movement; a document which although reading "more like a Dennis Miller rant" has since become known in fandom as The Furry Manifesto.


The second Burned Fur started in 2005 by Tom Zarycki, alias "The Reverend" Ash Maurice Cairo. Recent developements in his local furry fan community have encouraged him to take some manner of action against the lack of discretion, discipline, professionalism, self control, and mutual respect furry fans should have for everyone.


What does the Burned Fur Movement hope to accomplish?

Ultimately we'd like to instill Common Sense to our fellow furry fans and as a result improve the furry fandom image.


What is this "Common Sense" you speak off?

Glad you asked! I'm afraid that answer is a bit long-winded and ever evolving, so please refer to the Common Sense document under The New Ideas section.


Who's in charge of Burned Fur? Do you have a leader or a spokesperson?

This current generation is led by Tom Zarycki. We are currently recruiting for more members and spokespeople to represent our views to the major furry fan populations around the world.


Do how do I become a member?

We are not a formal organization. If you agree with our views then consider yourself one of us. However, as a courtesy to our current members we ask that you please join our LiveJournal community, speak up, and tell us a little about yourself. In return we'll recognize you as an official member and add you to our member's page.

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